Monachopsis, 2017.

Digitally manipulated photograph. Installation: fabricated light-box sign, enamel on acrylic. 

Monachopsis, defines the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place. In this work I am responding to a sign outside of

Subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place as a queer person raised within the Christian tradition. 

Subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place as a descendent of Irish refugees in a British Colony on Mi'kmaq Indigenous Territory. Presence of Church as pronounced as presence of Mi'Kmaq historic site, Shubenacadi Park immediately behind the Church. 

The text translates, "We all come from different places, but we are all welcome here." 

The text above reads, "8 Locks Road / St. Andrew's Anglican Church"  

Question, "The Voice of God" ? "The Voice of Colonial Violence" ?

Anglican Church as Church of England. Church of England, i.e. British Monarchy, responsible for my families arrival on Locks Road, in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. K'jipuk'tuk, Mi'kmaqia. Historical irony

By transplanting this sign to an island in New York City, the meaning becomes distorted

Create an exact replica of this sign in New York City.