Artist Statement

In my work I explore questions of the historical as they pertain to individuals and as they implicate individuals in broader social and political circumstances.

London-based film maker, John Akomfrah articulates this interest with great clarity and urgency: 

"What is the process of amnesia that allows for the kinds of forgetting that builds into hierarchies of beings and non-beings? ...those things: the aversion to fiction, is what keeps me interested in the non-fictive. It's what keeps me interested in questions of the historical because they [histories, non-fictions] act as a kind of powerful counter ballast, against a certain turbulence of amnesia. Amnesia is a sort of constant sea, we swim in it all the time. One needs the ballast of memory and the historical just to come to balance." 

John Akomfrah, in interview 2015. 

To this end, my work is research-driven and deferential. I use quotation, montage and appropriation to re-contextualize non-fictive elements and references. Committed to a dialectical approach, I look for new meaning in contemporary rearrangements of historical fragments. #stargazing #skippingstones